Danielle Camera Jewellery

 Danielle Camera Jewellery logo


Danielle Camera Jewellery is a demi-fine jewellery brand based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The brand is all about celebrating the moments, big and small, of every day life, and about finding the beauty in these moments.

The brand is headed up by founder and CEO Danielle Camera, who has spent her career working in the local and international fine arts and jewellery industries. 

Camera is focused on creating high quality contemporary jewellery, centred around a philosophy of ethics and sustainability, form and function, and creativity. 

The brand is committed to the well being of people and the environment. A code of ethics governs their dealings with all customers and suppliers. They undertake to ensure sustainable and ethical business practices, and ensure their raw materials are responsibly sourced from trusted suppliers.

Contemporary styling and functionality are at the core of the design aesthetic of Danielle Camera Jewellery. The styling is inspired by international fashion trends and street style, and the belief that comfort and functionality should never be sacrificed for design. The brand believes that great design is functional.