A Fine Moment

A Fine Moment

Fine jewellery seems to be having a real moment of late, and it’s no surprise that we are totally here for it!

There appears to be a clear purchase shift occurring, with jewellery lovers gravitating towards spending more on select pieces of fine, solid gold jewellery, and as such moving away from the trend of buying less expensive, albeit fashionable, costume or vermeil jewellery.

When considering what to credit for this shift, it’s hard not to wonder if the financial effects of a global pandemic have played a role. As we feel the pinch of our economy straining under the effects of COVID-19, most of us have been more reserved when it comes to our spending habits.  We seem more considered, with quality taking preference over quantity. We’d rather spend more on things that we know will last longer, and our spending habits are more calculated as a result.

However, even if we look back to pre-COVID trends, there has been a definite shift away from products that are mass-produced, and a renewed appreciation for handcrafted products.

Within South Africa we have seen a rise in appreciation for brands that place craftmanship at the center of their ethos, with consumers placing more value on the time it takes to craft these products and ultimately, supporting the higher price tags that come as a result.

Across the lifestyle spectrum, from fashion, to art, to jewellery design, to furniture and décor, brands that are championing the quality instead of quantity mantra are gaining a cult-like following. Brands like Simon & Mary, Pichulik, Skoon, Hannah Lavery, David Krynauw And Freedom of Movement, to name a few, are standing firm in their resolute belief in the value of craftmanship, and their products are winning our affections and loyalty as a result.

 We perceive spending on quality items to be an investment, because we know that these items will last us more than just one season. When it comes to solid gold jewellery, the quality lies undeniably in the fact that it is rarely mass-produced, and in the durability of the gold. And let’s be honest, we like the idea that a quality piece of jewellery has been carefully thought out and designed by hand, which gives it an air of exclusivity.

Whether it be a fine, solid gold ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace, a piece of jewellery crafted from solid gold is made with added attention to detail and is made to last. And maybe that’s where the true value lies for us, the avid jewellery lovers and wearers. Maybe we find solace in donning a piece of jewellery that represents quality and craftsmanship  and that the desirability lies in the sense of exclusivity and durability that accompanies fine jewellery.

It seems that the trend pendulum is swinging in favour of fine, solid gold jewellery, and that craftsmanship, quality and durability are having their collective time in the sun.

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