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As an online jewellery store, I understand how you might feel intimidated when purchasing your new ring given that you can’t physically try it on.

In South Africa, the UK and Australia, ring sizing works according to alphabetic letters. However, in America, Europe and rest of world, ring sizing is done numerically.

Collective & Co. sells according to numeric sizing. With all the made-to-order rings I can make to your exact size, including half sizes.

On rings that I carry stock of and that are ready-made and not made-to-order, I don't offer half sizing and recommend that if you are between sizes, you size down to the nearest full size. For example, if you are a 7.5, size down to a 7.

The best way to get accurately sized would be to visit your local jewellery store and establish what size you are in terms of alphabetic letter and ring diameter. 

Below is a summary of how you can convert your ring size into a numeric size:


 Collective & Co. Sizing





Size 5 15.7  J1/2 X- Small
Size 6 16.5 L1/2 Small
Size 7 17.3 N1/2 Medium
Size 8 18.1 P/12  Large
Size 9 19.1 S Extra Large
Size 10 20 U XX-Large


As an alternative option, I suggest using the Collective & Co. ring sizing guide that can be found here.

When executed properly this method can determine your correct ring size fairly accurately. 

 I hope that selecting the correct ring size with the help of this guide will make the process a little less daunting!

Estilee x

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