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We are Collective & Co. and we have an innate love for beautiful fine jewellery.

Schooled in Jewellery Design, Gemmology and Fine Art at the University of Stellenbosch, we've formed Collective & Co. as a platform where we can curate and collate fine jewellery from international and home-grown brands that we're obsessed with, and that share our love and appreciation for the craft that goes into handmade fine jewellery pieces.

At Collective & Co. our core reason-for-being is to make fine jewellery, sourced from various local and international jewellery brands, accessible to the everyday woman and jewellery lover. We believe that jewellery design is a fine art, a craft that should be celebrated and nurtured, and as such we are all about smaller brands making a big impact with their designs, and brands that strive to create jobs in the craft sector. We're not about mass-produced, high-churn jewellery.
We carefully select the brands we work with and feature to ensure they are distinctive from each other, as we'd like to showcase variety to our customers.

We are about celebrating femininity in all her glorious shapes and forms, and believe that jewellery is self-expression in a material form. Whether you're about making a statement or simply adding something extra to your daily look, we're here for it. We're here for layering, stacking, mixing and matching, and our ultimate vision is to feature jewellery for every vibe, from every tribe.

Be bold and curious in your pursuit of appreciating the beautiful things in this life.



The Collective & Co. Team